Anxieties of Climate Change: Thoughts from the SSRC Working Group on Climate Change

Nancy Rosenblum and Robert O. Keohane

The Substance of Policy Areas and Representation: Some Observations about Social Policy and Tax Policy

Andrea Louise Campbell

Civic Engagement and America’s Racialized, Anti-Democratic Public Sphere

Michael C. Dawson

Politics, Policy, and Participation

Thomas B. Edsall

Representative Democracy and Alternative Models

Timothy Frye

Political Inequality: Challenges and Opportunities

Martin Gilens

Anxiety about Democracy: Why Now?

Peter A. Hall

Inefficacy, Anxiety, and Leadership

William Howell

The Politics of Policies to Promote Gender Justice

Mala Htun

Preliminary Thoughts on Participation and Citizen Equality

Samuel Issacharoff

In Defense of Permeability

Courtney Jung

Three Reasons Congress Is Broken

Robert Kaiser

Representative Democracy and Alternative Models: Notes on Latin America

Claudio Lomnitz

Negotiation in the Crisis of Democracy

Jane Mansbridge

American Challenges and Legislative Institutional Barriers Today

David Mayhew

Anxieties about Congress

Nolan McCarty

Income, Inequality, and Participation

Nolan McCarty

Democratic and Institutional Anxieties

Uday Singh Mehta

Multilateralism and Democracy

Andrew Moravcsik

Thoughts on Access and Participation in Contemporary American Democracy

Nathaniel Persily

Why a Philosophy of History in which the Present Moment Is World-Altering Is Not Hubris and Is Politically Necessary

Nancy Rosenblum

“The Nearer Your Destination, the More You’re Slip-Sliding Away”: A Comment on Charles Taylor

Nancy Rosenblum

Anxieties of Democracy: Who Counts? How? Why?

Frances Rosenbluth

Anxieties of Democracy and Distribution

Ian Shapiro

What We Are Anxious about When We Say We Are Anxious about Inequalities of Influence

Dara Strolovitch

Is Democracy Slipping Away?

Charles Taylor

Four Observations about Democratic Anxieties (or their Absence) in Latin America

Deborah Yashar